About Malaka

     I was born in Rome, Georgia on March 13th just a couple years ago. ;) My family moved to a small town called Dalton in the North West region of the state (some of you may know it as the carpet capital of the world). Honestly, I couldn't tell you why we moved, but I imagine it had something to do with my father being offered a job as a mechanical engineer. Anyway, we lived in Good Ole' Dalton for the majority of my life- I went through all the Dalton Public Schools and even attended Dalton State College. At Dalton State I majored in Biology, minored in Chemistry and graduated Magna Cum Laude in December of 2014. As a senior in college, I struggled to find the perfect career for me- I went from applying to pharmacy school to medical school and finally PA school.


     I always knew I wanted to do something in the medical world but the reason I didn't pursue my career in pharmacy was because after working 6 months as a pharmacy technician, I knew my personality did not fit the life style of a pharmacist. All I knew was I longed for a deeper relationship with my patients, I wanted to be there at their best and also at their worst. I wanted to be a provider, but not just any provider.. I didn't want to just be the doctor that treats a strep throat or signs off on a yearly physical. I wanted to know my patients, like really know my patients. I want to be the person that can tell you where their last vacation was and how their 3rd child is doing. I know this may sound ridiculous because many providers see as many as 60 patients a day, but I have seen it done. My first rotation was Internal Medicine with Dr. Marquez in Cleveland Tennessee. And let me tell you something, if there was anything I learned from this doctor, it was how to make your patients feel special. He has this saying that went something like, "patient's don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care" and I can't even begin to explain how far this has taken me with the few patients I have seen. Anyway, I believe it's possible to truly make every single patient feel special, and I will do my best to keep Dr. Marquez's words of wisdom close to my heart while I practice. 
     I still haven't explained why I chose PA school over medical school. It's actually very simple- I have the utmost respect for any nurse or mid level provider, but definitely more for a physician with an MD or DO abbreviation after their name. I know the time and effort it took to earn those two simple letters that when placed together create the highest level of education we have in the medical world-- But this just was not for me. As a PA I will have the autonomy to change specialities throughout my entire career,  which is huge for me because honestly, I would like to work in every field! Well... every field except surgery. But anyway, as a PA I will not be bound to answer hospital calls in the middle of the night or on the weekend. Also, when the time comes to have children, I would like to only work part time so that I can give my babies all the loving and nurturing that they deserve. The hours for a PA are just so much more flexible than the hours of an MD. I know I will probably never get as much respect as an MD in the medical field, but thats okay because for one, I did not work nearly as hard as they did and...well two, its a sacrifice I am willing to make.