Spontaneous Trips

April 4, 2017

Early February, my brother Sam had surprised his wife Summer with plane tickets to Puerto Rico, the first week of April. They both had tried so hard to convince my husband and I to join them on the beautiful beach in Condado, but I knew that I wouldn't be able to take an entire week off during my next rotation. After apologizing and explaining that there was simply no way we could join, my brother was able to convince our brother Omar and his wife Ranim to join. A couple weeks passed by and I spent a few weekends doing some online shopping with Summer for the perfect bathing suit (muslim girl friendly- which was an ordeal, in and of itself). I was secretly jealous that I wasn't going to be able to enjoy the warm sun, the sound of the roaring waves and the smell of the beach with her, but I knew missing out on these vacations was only temporary.


A couple more weeks passed and I started my 3rd rotation on Monday, March 27th. My preceptor at this new office didn't seem very strict so I considered asking him if I could have off all next week but I felt like I couldn't read him well enough to know how he would take it. So, I gave up and decided there wasn't going to be a Puerto Rico trip for me after all. On Wednesday, I was helping my preceptor with a prenatal visit on a 38 week pregnant woman. Dr. Weldon (my preceptor) suggested that the patient get induced next week so she doesn't have a complex delivery like she did with her first baby. Of course, the patient was ecstatic to hear this.  It seemed like once women hit the 35 week mark, they get to the point where they are so exhausted and are ready to deliver. The patient responded with a huge smile on her face and said I'm all for it as long as you are the one inducing me. Dr. Weldon asked me to schedule her induction so I walked out to speak with his secretary. His secretary said he has no procedures scheduled next week because his grandchildren are on spring break next week and he's going fishing with them.....


I'm sure by now we know how big the smile on my face was and well where the story is going.... I was extremly grateful that my preceptor did not make me work when he wasn't in the office. Anyway, with just 3 days before my brothers' trip, my thoughtful husband insisted that way pay the price for the crazy high airplane tickets so I could spend time with my family on the beach. Yes, he is a sweet man! Alhamdulilah.





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