My 1st Rotation: Internal Medicine

January 30, 2017

Dr. Marquez was such a joy to work with. This man pushed me past my limits and taught me so much real life medicine. Before PA school, I had no true hands on experience with any patients, but after he was done with me, I was giving shots, cleaning out ears, hooking patients up to EKG machines, using cryotherapy to remove warts and cutting off skin tags! This doctor believed in me and by my second week at his office- I was seeing his patients all by myself! Obviously he would check on the patients after I examined them, but his trust gave me so much confidence in myself. I was prescribing and mastering the treatment for blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and hyper/hypothyroidism. Because of such a great experience, I can see myself going into Internal Medicine in the future. 


If you live in Ooltewah - this is the man to see for primary care! Check him out at Ooltewah Medical Services.



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October 12, 2018

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