The Good Deed

May 6, 2017

On May 6th, my husband and I got up early to enjoy a warm Saturday afternoon at Six Flags Over Georgia with his family. We started the adventures with my favorite ride, Goliath, and easily hit all the top rides at the park! After the third ride, we decided to enjoy a kiddie ride, or at least that's what we thought it was going to be. 


As we approached the line to load the coaster, the track that the tram would take became visible. My husband looked back at me and said, "whoa wait, there is no way we are going upside down on this roller coaster with only a single bar to keep up from slipping out." I laughed and said "well if this is our way to go, this is going to be it". He responded to me in laughing confusion and said, "but habibti (my love), I haven't done nearly enough good deeds on this earth compared to my sins to be granted heaven in the afterlife." I nonchalantly shrugged and said, "speak for yourself, I'm going to heaven, I've done the best I can do."  What I was actually thinking was no one earns paradise by the deeds they do.  If it were not by the Grace of the Most High, none of us can earn even the smallest spot in heaven, but because I wasn't in the mood of displaying my ability of orating the exegesis of various scripture, my reticence earned me a lecture from my husband.  


After enjoying the ride and living, he spoke to me about something he learned at the Friday khutbah (mosque service) yesterday. He went on to explain how a true mu'min (believer) never thinks he/she has done enough to earn the ultimate reward in the hereafter. A true believer always strives to do better, a true believer is the one who runs to the good deed. He went on to explain that even if one can't give much or do much, the least he or she should do is give the charity of a smile. So I smiled back at the man that truly makes me a better person and said, "okay let's see who can collect more good deeds throughout the rest of the day". He smiled and accepted my challenge and within just a few moments, we found ourselves picking up trash, smiling to the young and old, all while giving the other a running point total.


About 15 minutes later, we passed by a Caucasian lady standing next to the entrance of a restaurant. I didn't make eye contact, but as soon as I lost her image in my periphery, I turned around to see my husband with his soft beaming smile focused directly at her. His eyes caught mine and then he whispered, "I got double hasanat (good deeds) just now". And I asked him why was that and he said, "well because I didn't just smile at her, but I winked too!" 


Safe to say he  has a sense of humor.



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