Who will notice your hard work?

May 18, 2017

I always knew I wanted to work with children; I can’t really explain it but I just feel like there is a sweet glow of innocence that comes from within them that forces empathy from even the most callous person. I have been looking forward to my pediatrics rotation since day 1 of PA school, and honestly I couldn’t wait to amaze my preceptor with how well I knew my developmental milestones, pediatric reflexes and the vaccination schedule. Unfortunately, the time spent studying for this rotation seems to take me back to didactic year with all the hassle minus the satisfying grade at the end. It has been extremely difficult to impress the doctor with whom I'm currently working. Though I attended a great PA program, which I thoroughly enjoyed, I have yet to experience the feeling of awing my preceptor.  I've been able to answer most of his drilling questions, yet I've been unable to successfully demonstrate my full potential. I yearn for the simplest praise, “good job”… He doesn’t realize how much this would mean to me coming from a physician of his standards. This outstanding man has been working in the field of pediatrics for over 25 years now and did I mention, he was also my pediatrician?


Anyway, its been about 8 days now, and I have yet to stun this doctor. I know I might be pushing it, and it hasn’t been that long for him to really appreciate how much I know, but today something amazing happened. After a complete neuromuscular evaluation for a near syncopal episode in a 15 year old, I sat down and held the patients younger sister in my lap. I started counseling the patient and her family about what could cause dizziness and fainting spells in this age group, I also touched based on healthy eating and exercise. After around 20 minutes the satisfied mother of the two girls asked me if I would be working here in the future. I smiled and let her know that I felt like pediatrics is definitely my calling, but I am looking to work somewhere close to my family. She responded, “Well, I hope you get offered a job here because I have never seen my 9 month old so calm and happy with someone she is not familiar with." She proceeded to ask me if it was okay for her to take a picture of me with her daughter, so the next time she comes in she can show them this picture and ask for me.

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