Breaking out After Hair Removal?

April 8, 2018

 It's devastating to think you either have to live with a hairy face or a broken out one. Why does it feel like every time we get some kind of hair removal done, our skin's first instinct is to retaliate? I mean, doesn't it want to look beautiful? Doesn't it want our foundation and powder to be patted on perfectly? We all know face makeup doesn't set very nicely with peach fuzz and pimples... 


C'mon skin, get it together! 


I don't know about you, but it seems like every time I get my upper lip and my eyebrows threaded or waxed, the following day my face has multiple, small, painless pimples. I feel like I have tried everything to avoid those pesky pimples from appearing, from cleaning my face before and after treatments, exfoliating and moisturizing with different creams.. nothing has helped.


I was fed up. 


For a while, I was convinced that I just had to live with the peach fuzz to avoid the inevitable pimples that were to come post hair removal, but then I realized many people suffer from this same problem. When a hair follicle is left open after hair removal, it is extremely easy to accidentally infect that open pore. When this happens, those pesky white heads begin to appear.


The medical diagnosis is called


which literally translates as inflammation of the hair follicle.


When I heard that other people were also desperately looking for a solution to this dilemma, I tried to review some of my old dermatology notes to see what could be done to avoid this. I finally did some research and asked a few of my favorite beauty guru's how they handle this same problem. 


Here's what we came up with to best avoid folliculitis after your hair removal appointments!


(I got so much positive feedback from my list formatting on earlier blog posts that I decided to stick to this instead of paragraph form) 


What NOT to do:


👉 Do NOT exfoliate your skin after the treatment. Your hair follicles are already irritated, this will only further irritate them. 


👉 Try to avoid heavy creams and lotions. After hair removal, the hair follicles are left vulnerable and empty, don't fill them with something thick and heavy, this will cause them to clog.


👉 Try to avoid water for at least 2-4 hours or until the redness in the treated area settles down. This includes swimming and warm baths. If you must clean yourself, try to take a quick shower in cool water. 


👉Do Not touch your face, like I stated earlier, your hair follicles are vulnerable and empty if you touch them you risk the chance of spreading bacteria into them which can infect them and cause pimples.


What to DO:


👉 Immediately after hair removal, use cooling gels to settle the skin down, most people use aloe vera or rose water. If you don't have either, don't sweat it.. grab an ice cube and just rub it around the treated area. 


👉Schedule your hair removal sessions later in the day, preferable after work or school. This way you can wash your face before the session and stay makeup free after the session. If you don't use makeup immediately after, this helps decrease the probability of clogging your pores. 


👉 Consider taking a break from hair removal and alternate between another method. Maybe consider hair bleaching. This way, you are not constantly exhausting those hair follicles of yours. 



Thanks for reading.


P.S. If you suffer from folliculitis from other causes, there are antibiotics that can be taken to treat this skin condition. Be sure to visit your friendly dermatologist for a skin evaluation. 

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