Tired of Your Multi-Vitamins?

April 21, 2018

Finding the perfect multi-vitamins for our loved ones is not always an easy task. There are so many factors that play a huge role in determining whether or not our children will actually take their vitamins. 


I don't have any children but I do have a four-year-old niece (pictured below) and a two-year-old nephew, both hold a very dear place in my heart. These two mean so much to me and I along with their parents only want the best for them when it comes to eating healthy and taking the best multi-vitamins available. 


Vitamins are not always the tastiest of treats, children usually prefer the gummy vitamin because they taste closer to candy than something that is actually good for them. Unfortunately, most gummy's are produced with pork gelatin and to find one that is made from beef gelatin or pectin is a true struggle. 


I personally hated all kinds of vitamins growing up because my parents didn't have access to halal (permissible/non pork) gummy's, and the only kind that was fairly decent was the strawberry and grape chalky chewable vitamins. Yuck! 


I have been on the lookout for a permissible/tasty multivitamin that I can share with my niece and nephew and I am so happy to introduce,


Salaam Nutritional's


These gummy's are pectin based, which means the gelatinous texture is extracted from fruits instead of animals. Which means they are halal, yay! They are also gluten, diary and nut free... but honestly, that's not the best part. They best part is they contain all the key vitamins and minerals I know my niece and nephew need because they might be lacking them in their everyday diet. 

Sounds pretty marvelous huh? Now, the true test is will the kids actually enjoy them? I will let you decide, but the first time I introduced these to my niece, she tried to convince me that the serving size was in fact 5 gummy instead of 2. 😂 I just had to try them out to see why she liked them so much and boy were they delicious!

I am so happy to be supporting this brand of gummy's because they don't just provide a delicious product but they also donate 10% of their profits to charities around the world. They have distributed care packages with these vitamins to children in Greece, Istanbul, Morocco, Pakistan and Rwanda.. just to name a few!


P.S. This same company makes adult gummy's and they are simply perfect during Ramadan, just take one early during suhoor to ensure your body has all the vitamins needed to take on the entire day. 




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