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August 16, 2018

When looking for over the counter patches for back pain, there are two active ingredients you need and should be on the look out for- 


1. Lidocaine, a numbing agent that works by decreasing the sensation of pain.. the lidocaine doesn’t actually help with the pain or the healing process, it just masks the symptoms while your body works hard to correct the issue on it’s own (if it can). Usually you can find lidocaine patches in 4%! 


2. Capsicum, it comes from a plant that helps fight free radicals, boost the immune system and also has an


anti-inflammatory effect on the body. Capsicum can actually decrease the amount of Substance P which is a compound thought to be involved in the synaptic transmission of pain and other nerve impulses. Using Capsicum multiple times may actually help decrease the amount of Substance P, which means a decreased amount of pain! 


You probably won’t find these two ingredients together, so either look out for one or the other. A general rule of thumb.. Lidocaine is usually a cooling pad, while Capsicum is usually a heating pad! Hope this helps! This is not an advertised post, I just love Salonpas and this brand actually has both patches: Salonpas Hot with Capsicum and this one in the photo has Lidocaine 4%! I have noticed a pretty significant satisfaction rate with these patches from patient’s... so I hope you give them a shot!



Thanks for reading! Comment, email, or reach out in other way you can think of with your questions! 



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